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Rompal provides all services related to the manufacture of electronic equipments which range from the supply of raw materials to the delivery of the finished product in its final packaging. Each of the stages take place in accordance to the clients specifications, working within the quality framework established on the grounds of ISO-9001:2000, international standards and client specifications.
 Design counseling

Asesoramiento en diseño
The design counseling service is offered with an aim to obtain a reduction of the production costs and an improvement of the quality of the equipments, which leads to more competitive products. It is preferable to provide this service in the stage prior to the industrialization although it can also be provided in different reviews all along the life of the product.
Within the study of the equipments to be manufactured, the main points of the production process are reviewed such as the type of disposition of contents, the best panel design, the possible test methods...
Therefore Rompal achieves the maximum productivity level and reduces the cost for its clients.
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On the grounds of the specifications of the product to be manufactured, Rompal performs the supply of components through the main domestic and international suppliers.
The purchases are managed jointly by means of a powerful MRP.
We rely on more than ten thousand references in stock managed in intelligent warehouses, in an reduced space which enables a quick preparation of materials.
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 SMD Assembly

Montaje SMD
The assembly lines have a capacity of three million components per day, being able to assemble state of the art components such as 0201, CSP'S, flipchips, and other technologies like “pin in paste” silver adhesives, exotic components...
In order to perform the wending we count on ovens with the necessary size to execute the temperature profiles required for each type of assembly and at the same, to minimize the thermal fatigue of the components.
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 Automatic assembling

Montajes automáticos
The integration of axial components and DIP is done automatically. Although this technology is considered obsolete, in many sectors it is still used in those products with an older design, due to the lack of existence in SMD of equivalent components or simply due to express specifications in new designs.
The automatic assembly enables the reduction of costs as well as the reduction of human errors such as positioning and polarity.
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 Manual assembly

Montajes manuales
The performance of manual assemblies ranges from the integration of the traditional electro mechanic components to the assembly of additional mechanic elements, wires, chasis, automated parts…and even the manufacture of products “ready to deliver”.
The electronic components are welded in independent lines of alloys with or without lead in accordance to the clients specifications. Each of them has welding systems in inert atmosphere.
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 Inspection and tests

Inspección y testeo
The inspection and testing method of the products is developed in accordance to the specifications established by the clients.
Apart from the internal controls, the inspection and tests may include: test warrants, metallographic cuts, AOI, inspection with X rays, functional and electronic tests, climatic tests, etc.
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 Conformal coating

The application of protection coatings focused on the protection of circuits or specific components which can be exposed to environmental conditions of humidity, dust or condensation.
The application of the different products takes place by means of three methods: automatic and selective, integration with protections or manual applications.
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